What I Offer

I provide a service based on more than 20 years of experience.

This is my passion and not just a fly by night venture.
I provide the following services:

  • Group Bootcamp classes
  • One-on-one personal training (weight management and muscle development)
  • Partner training (special fee for partner/partners – up to 4 people)
  • Gymnastic strength training for children
  • Rehabilitation training
  •  Full-body analysis services and reporting
  • Sport nutrition services


The four e’s are the pillars of my success and the philosophy I live and die by when it comes to achieving success in training.


Start educating yourself. Stop believing the stuff you read in the magazines on how to lose 10 kg’s in 12 weeks. Have you ever actually met someone who was able to do it?

If it was that easy we all would look just amazing.

Invest in a few good books and fitness magazines on training.
Would you invest money in the stock market if you have not read up and educated yourself on it? So why are you willing to do it with your health?


You cannot just go on a diet and not train as well and then expect to get lasting results. The two go hand in hand.

Diet alone and exercise alone will not do it. You need to do both. And with diet I do not mean eating bananas for three days and then back to your usual eating patterns. Diet to me should be replaced with the words long term eating habits.
Training and exercising should become part of your daily routine.

I have been doing it for the past 20 years on an almost daily basis, including weekends. Do you think the men and women in the fitness magazines look that way by training or exercising twice a week? For sure not.

And age has got nothing to do with it, I am 47 and still in great shape and training daily. So can you.


Now this is the secret to achieving results. I am not talking about your weekly magazine magic diets. I am talking about changing your eating habits and lifestyle. It’s about knowing what and when to eat it.

It’s about knowing how carbohydrates, proteins an fats work together to achieve your goals.


Once you start, you cannot stop. Relax, I am not saying training and exercising till you drop on a daily basis.

Remember your body is like an engine, it will only work at top performance if you feed it and train it on a regular basis. You have to keep going at it.

Also see it as investing in the long term, what you do to it now, will show in future and when you get older.