Power Bootcamp

Now in a great new time-slot. (Mondays and Wednesday at 18:00)

All Bootcamp classes are 30 minutes (according to the latest fitness research in the USA, best results are obtained within 30 minutes of intense training rather than the usual prolonged 60 minute “old fashioned” workouts).

Each class includes interval cardiovascular routines on the step and floor and strength training using free weights and other equipment. The floor work focuses on different major muscle groups allowing clients to experience a well-balanced workout routine. The Instructor will vary the workout by changing the beat of the music and changing the excercises every 60 seconds.

The idea is to continually “shock” the body as research demonstrates that it is the most efficient and effective way to improve your cardiovascular system, lose weight and build muscle. The endless variety of exercises and instructor style insures that no two classes are the same, and that every class feels new and exciting.