New Beginnings


After five wonderful years at our previous location in Eldoraigne, it was time to move on.

We only had 5 days to find a new place, move and get ready for operations.

Luckily we found an amazing new venue close to Centurion Mall and the Gautrain Station.  In reach of most people in Centurion and close to all major roads.

It's bigger and better and has lots of undercover parking as well.

So call us now and get ready for the best training experience in town.


Tips for Christmas

I did some searching on the net and found the following helpful tips you can apply during the Christmas Season.

  1. Set Some Fitness Goals and Have a Plan: First and foremost I would recommend that you set goals and stick to a plan. Without goals and a plan to go by it is just too easy to start missing workouts and blowing the diet.
  2. Use Moderation When Cheating On Your Diet: Allow yourself to indulge a little here and there, but limit your portions. Far too many of us think “Oh, it’s a holiday so I should eat as many treats as I can because once the holiday season is over, I can’t have treats anymore!” This is a huge misconception! Why not have a small taste of what you want, and enjoy the time with your family rather than a huge plate of food and a belly ache. Cookies and pies are around 365 days a year, and with planned cheat meals you can enjoy them every week. So don’t make the holiday season a reason to ruin your hard earned results.