As from September we will be offering Pilates classes at the studio.

Pilates is a life style!

Once people start  pilates, they realise so many things about themselves. They realise that the average person is very disconnected with their body. The average person has very little awareness that they might have bad posture. Sitting in front of a desk most of the day leads to bad posture and stiffness. Bad posture and stiffness leads to all sorts of injuries, like neck and shoulder pain, even back pain.

Pilates helps you connect with your body and creates an awareness of muscles and posture.

That’s why Pilates is a lifestyle, it is holistic and there is no end to it!

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Proof In the Pudding

My story is most probably the same as many of yours.  After getting married and having kids, I somehow lost interest in training and visited the gym once in a blue moon.  At 40 I suddenly looked in the mirror and realised I had to do something.
I joined the gym again, started jogging every morning and changed my eating habits.

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You never know how far you can go... until you go.

PT4U Personal Training and Bootcamp Studio offers private and personal training in Centurion

PT4U Personal Training and Bootcamp Studio, a private personal trainer in Centurion has more than 20 years’ experience in physical training. All personal training sessions at PT4U Personal Training and Bootcamp Studio offers private and personal training in Centurion, and are approximately 50 to 60 minutes.  PT4U, private and personal training in Centurion can accommodate up to 4 people in a training session (special lower tariffs apply to all extra participants who participate in the physical training sessions). PT4U private and personal training in Centurion offers Cooler Water and a towel free of charge, so all you have to do is get into your training clothes and pitch for a private, discrete training session.  Shower facilities are also available at PT4U private and personal physical training in Centurion and if you prefer your own music, just bring your Ipod and PT4U Personal Training will plug it into their music system.  PT4U, private and personal training in Centurion, also accommodates Mom’s with a toddler or baby, please note that it is a physical training gym environment, with equipment, so the onus is on the mom to secure their kid’s safety. So why not book your private and discrete, personal training session today!